Week 14 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

The Week 14 NFL Picks (*warning, these pics are hops influenced):

In theory there should be a list of game picks here.

Posting from the road all week, so the picks are most likely alcohol influenced and very very wrong………….

If there’s no list here that means I’m having waaay to much fun in Atlanta right now with Bubbles.


About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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10 Responses to Week 14 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

  1. caohaoim says:

    What are you pointing at? Is it some sort of safety devices

  2. The label says “Do no use as an actual flotation device”.

  3. caohaoim says:

    Darn!!! I felt like floating.

  4. caohaoim says:

    We both suck but I take comfort in being a fan of the packers who are the division leaders now.

  5. I will have to start going for the pack in the playoffs.

  6. caohaoim says:

    I honestly thought detroit was going to be so much more competition this season. that’s why I made the bet the way I did. Figured at the end of the season the winner might get 2 six packs out of it. I had confidence the packers were going to be 1st or 2nd in the division and the difference between the top and the bottom of the division would be 3-4 games. I also figured the vikings would be the bottom not the lions.

  7. caohaoim says:

    You have been kidnapped, forced to live in Marcus’s bunker with a gallon jug of generic ripple and forced to watch ’80’s MTV. Do we send a rescue party?

  8. Two weeks on the road………….. Back to my normal schedule this week till Jan.

  9. caohaoim says:

    Being on the road is the leading cause of roadkill. Don’t let it happen to you.

  10. Ah true true. My biggest threat on my business travels is face planting to the sidewalk on the way back to the hotel at night.

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