In the aftermath of the recent school shooting in Newton Connecticut the politicians have already begun their assault on guns and “people like me”.  You know the sordid types.  To boil down their (POTUS/DHS) threat assessment to it’s base analysis:  Gun owning conservative war (read mental issues) veterans clinging to their guns and bibles.    We’re the threat.  Not the absolving of the social accountability, and personnel responsibly, for ourselves and community that turns the unstable and criminals back onto the street in a revolving door of insanity in the name of  “correctness”.  That couldn’t possibly be it.  It’s the damn gun owning conservative to blame.

Perspective:  Every  gun owning conservative war veteran clinging to their gun and bible I’ve known would have died trying to kill that bastard and put him/herself before every bullet intended towards a child until they were fell.   I say put as much security in our schools as we have as an NFL/NBA game and you’re really starting to address the damn problem.  Otherwise piss off and blow you political smoke somewhere else as I’m sick of your crap.  I’m getting a drink………..


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