Wildcard Week NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

The Wildcard WeekNFL Picks:


About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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21 Responses to Wildcard Week NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

  1. caohaoim says:

    I smell a lengthening lead. 😉

  2. caohaoim says:


  3. Yeah I smell something that’s for sure. But I’m not sure if it’s five!

  4. caohaoim says:

    Hopefully we are both 2/2 today. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

  5. caohaoim says:

    Packers now donning the cloak of invulnerability. For this week.
    The Claymaker gets a double sack and fumble recovery. There is joy in Cheeseville and the Vikings return to their paddle boats.

  6. caohaoim says:

    We tie!!! Again.

  7. So what’s my beer tab to ya up to?

  8. caohaoim says:

    I think it is 7. Both had losses during the others bye week so that’s a wash. Adjusted records were.
    Green Bay Packers 11 4
    Detroit Lions 4 11

  9. Seven beers to you it shall be then!

  10. caohaoim says:

    Airlift? Sealift? Homing Pigeon?

  11. caohaoim says:

    Does that use IP addresses?

  12. We never tell of the inner workings of the tree rat underground railroad….

  13. caohaoim says:

    We now know it’s underground and a railroad. Do you have one of those cute hats with a light?

  14. Negative. We use PVS-7B night vision devices.

  15. caohaoim says:

    The hats are cuter.

  16. We wear fedoras in our down time.

  17. caohaoim says:

    Never a seen a pic of you in a fedora. I like a fedora but whenever i try one on it looks like omar the tentmaker made it.

  18. I’ll dig one up this weekend. Flying back to the Alamo on Monday to breath a few days of freedom.

  19. caohaoim says:

    There was a greasy spoon/mex/tex place kinda across from there i used to get a very large cheap breakfast. No hat though.

  20. Plenty of waterholes nearby too to wash away my blue state resident tears.

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