Musings of a postholiday Saturday

You know what I never understood about Congress? The Democrats and Republicans spend all their time, when they are to be “ negotiating” in front of the camera, spouting their talking points to the media. Many of these comments are made to do nothing more than try to express to the general population that the other side is merely stupid for not agreeing with their particular party affiliation.  Now back to what I don’t understand is how do they actually think a negotiation process is supposed to work?  You would think that now given a 60 day extension on the fiscal cliff, and Department of Defense sequestration, that they would use this time to find a acceptable process for all parties to mediate, discuss and come to a successful resolution on the issue. But now they are stuck back to in recapping what it is that the DNC or RNC members said to about or at each other during the previous discussions versus using this time to actually establish that way forward.  While each member of Congress pledges along  partisan political lines likes to accuse the others of failing to understand what the Americans, and their constituents are thinking, it looks as if Congress is failing to understand what the American body as a whole is thinking.  Essentially what the American body as a whole, I consider it as the as regular working schlub in the street or the pub, thinks that Congress are the ones that are in fact failing.  They don’t understand the basic requirements of government leadership or even basic teamwork.

What Congress wants you to believe is that just by being an elected official in Congress, a magical mystery of complexity that only they truly gifted understand,  is that the laypeople need not bother themselves with knowing how it works. In fact there is no special school, upbringing or insight into the inner workings mechanisms of government with teaches these car salesman and aspiring  professional politicians who did nothing more than attend an Ivy League school how to manage a country. These are just folks from districts that were elected by their constituents to represent them.  There  is no magical wad that these people wave amongst themselves or give them superhuman knowledge and power of government workings. These folks are in fact nothing but employees pure and simple. To make the matters worse these are employees of haven’t even read the handbook. There is in fact very simple handbook to be a Congressman is called the Constitution with all the subsequent bills of rights i.e. amendments inside of it.  Yes, there are trick sand rules to how the day-to-day operations within the actual Capitol building itself.  Now the thing about all these “inside the Capital building rules” are that they are fact made up and have nothing to do with actual governing. No, part of the problem of this current ineffective for of governing is that  we stand by and let them.  The fact is that we know what they do, and we want them to actually do it. Let’s not have any illusions here.  All this pork spending that people like to complain about, is nothing more than our Congressmen trying to give us bribes to allow them to keep their jobs. Look at the current hurricane bill that Gov. Christie complained about that had to be given right now to save the people of New Jersey further suffering in the recovery efforts. You’ll see that it is a bill laden with nothing but the absolute most disgusting porkbarrel spending that all of us love to complain about. But when Gov. Christie states that he is embarrassed to be a Republican because it’s taken so long for the bill to pass   In the media lapdogs lap it up. What should have been the travesty that Congress is accused of is the continuing manipulation of emotional offense to further their agendas and stuff pork spend into the deficit.

The Sandy Hook shooting and subsequent gun regulations attached to it is a perfect example that. But I want to go back to the hurricane Bill. When we yell and scream at the media and the media echoes these back to the rest of the populace outside of the sounds are screens we’re doing nothing more than perpetuating the constant inefficiency, and ineffectiveness, amateurism, and downright failures, of the United States, Congress. How can we continue to accept the fact that they would put up billions, not millions, but billions of dollars of home district pet projects into a bill while standing in pleading to their fellow Congressmen that this bill must be passed because they care about the citizens of New Jersey. It’s theatrical, and it’s transparent embarrassing bullshit.

That’s a nice rant, but what you want me to do about it? Here’s what I want to do about it, think for two years, think about what you want to do in 2014. If you’re happy knowing that your congressman is taking care of you and that’s all you want then just reelect the guy in 2014.  If that’s what he’s up for election. If you’re embarrassed by the fact that your congressman, that’s been there for 20 years or two, spends his time trying to find ways to do nothing more than shove pork into the deficit and into unneeded areas than maybe you want take a look again at who you’re voting for. You know I am a libertarian, conservative, and at this point in time my biggest fear the government’s debt.  Specifically  the fact that they do not clue how to control it or even deal with it. They have no plan. They are addicts.  Simple junkies.  I also know that I am not everyone else. I know that my views and opinions don’t have to be those of yours or others. They’re just mine. That’s differencing me and most liberals.   I don’t think I have a moral authority to judge your opinion or demand that mine is in fact better. My opinion is just mine alone. But I do know at least one thing.  That is you have to balance a checkbook or eventually the bills will be overdue and unpaid. That’s not a political standpoint at some math standpoint. Our government is acting irresponsibly, our Congress, our executive office, or judicial office that supports ridiculous rulings.  Rulings like their stand on interstate commerce allowing Congress in fact to do anything that they want purely on the fact that an object, idea, a thought, an electron or a person involved in a business process would move across the state line.

The thought of granting absolute power to these pretty amateurs who have done nothing more than convince majority of their stitch words that they have some idea or some vision or some hope of change is maniacal.  These are not professionals, financiers or businessmen.  Although some may be in fact businessmen successful or failed I don’t know.  If I was successful businessman I sure as hell would not be running for Congress I be running my business. Which leads me to these  guys are  just in fact Muppets. But once again I go off track what I do now is that while we spend time talking about gun control, the ridiculous ubiquitous debate on abortion, whether Hillary Clinton will testify on Libya, whether Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy is really the daddy, Congress is racking up the largest national security threat in our history. Uncontrolled National Debit.

I called this post today the musings of a post holiday Saturday. I did that because I really understand that this is nothing more than musings. I don’t have a lot of theme, or structure. But I really felt like I want to say it. I’m tired of the partisan nonsense  posing as professional discourse. These folks are rank amateurs. Congress is filled with people that you as an employer of any activity you may do would have fired. In kindergarten we learn we have to play well with others. Apparently Congressmen and women have all flunked kindergarten. You don’t get your way all the time. I understand that to  keep their jobs they have to spend but I want them to do their jobs with professionalism and due diligence, or want them all to go away. Unless a miracle of professionalism occurs in Congress and the Executive Office then I fully intend on not voting for a single incumbent in 2014. I don’t care if my Congressman is a great guy. I don’t care if my Congressman sends me emails every day tell me what I want to hear. What I want to hear is that he’s worked with the other side and has told me things that I don’t personally want to hear but need to hear. That he is not going out to gather pork for my district. That he is concerned with the nation. I have state representatives and legislators that will take care, and should take care, of the state. I need my Congressman to take care of my nation so that it does not crumble around my state.


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11 Responses to Musings of a postholiday Saturday

  1. caohaoim says:

    I agree. Would suggest decimation as solution but I don’t think the survivors would know what to do with uncooked barley.
    You and I would make beer.

  2. Yes. Brewing is a marketable “post fall” skill to be sure.

  3. and…………. yes, I saw the typos above but as I consider the post as a “random tirade” I’ve decided to let them go as-is.

  4. caohaoim says:

    Now I have go look for them

  5. Feel free to highlight and pen over corrections. Although when you do so remember I will be unable to actually see the markings you have just put on your computer screen.

  6. caohaoim says:

    Not if you use the Baen model 4000 retinal implants I sent. It only let’s an author see what the editor wants.

  7. Gonna have to check them out! Although I’ve stopped editing “in progress”. It was slwoing me down to much. So now I’m going free form and editing later.

  8. caohaoim says:

    Thta is the faster and usually better way to go.

    Pack is winning

  9. I acknowledge my typing has flaws. Uh, not just winning but sp@nking. See how I put the “@” instead of the “a” like I did a typo? I’m so cool….

  10. caohaoim says:

    You’re so cool you’re in the single digits kelvin.

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