Apocalypse tower

I never remember my dreams.  Well damn near never at least.  But last night’s I do recall and I am actually a touch confused by what happened.  Let me explain from what I recall:

I was fighting.  Struggling outdoors on a deep black no moon night with a zombieish figure while backing up.  I was moving backwards up a wooden spiral staircase.  Like an expose staircase tower.  I had a knife in my hand and had stabbed the zombie then pushed it over the rail.  I noted I was actually pretty high up as I head a crutch of the body impact a few seconds later.  There were more zombieish creatures now.  I was fighting, stabbing tossing them one after another as I backed further up the tower.  For some reason I know there is  something at the top of the tower I must get to to save myself. I kept fighting and backing up the stair tower.  At some point I lost my knife and was merely pushing and wrestling the zombies over the rail with my bare hands.  They were weak and slow but there was a lot of them that just kept coming.  I reached the top of the stairs and felt a platform above me.  While struggling with the dead in front of me I reach up and grab the thin metal handle of the object I was looking for.  As I brought it down to see what it was the zombie knocked it from my hand and it fell over the rail and downward.  I had lost it.  I pushed that zombie after it over the rail and noted I was now alone.  There were no more zombish figures on the staircase with me.  I started quickly back down the tall wooden staircase tower to it’s base which was a mass of mud and gore.  I had to find the object.  I dug through the muck on my hands and knees and found it.  I was an old Coleman type lantern.  I reached town towards the knob and when I touched the side it flamed up.  Short and bright then kept a small yellow feeble glow.   I picked up the light lamp and walked down the very center of the street that seemed to parallel the base of the town in a small town.  The details were sketchy as it was moonlit and misty. But I could see building shapes along the street.  I could also see the slow shambling shapes surrounding me and closing in.  They were circling me at the edge of the faint yellow light from the lantern as I walked forward straight and purposely down the middle of the road.

Now here’s the odd part of all this.  After seeing the shaped and shadows at the end of edge of the lamp light I just reached down, turned of the light and continued to walk calmly forward in the dark with holding the lamp.  Knowing the zombies were seconds from me, I just kept walking forward in the dark down the middle of the road with the lantern in my hand about to be overtaken.  Then I’m awake.   Odd night it seems.

Are my dreams telling me I’ve become too fatalistic?


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10 Responses to Apocalypse tower

  1. caohaoim says:

    You must be worried about preparations because you took a knife to a zombie fight. At least a machete.

  2. I’m sure it was months after I’ve dispatched thousand though heroic and valiant efforts that will be sung in clan songs for ages.

  3. caohaoim says:

    In the key of squirrel minor?

  4. Nope. In the key of Ozzy Osbourne.

  5. caohaoim says:

    No, I hear a bit more Majors or Shatner.

  6. From Brandy Yzaguirre: Your dream is that you felt out of control and overwhelmed by something in your life and you have now decided to take control. What ever the outcome, you are in charge of how you face, and react to what is happening.

    That’s actually pretty astute! I like it. Thanks Brandy.

  7. caohaoim says:

    That explains the gone drinking motif. POTR is in control!

  8. sounds like you and I have the same type of dreams !!!

  9. Mine still need more red heads in them though.

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