The President, Sycophant chronic career political failures, Wannabe jackbooted socialist, Class warfare activists and Loyal propaganda sell out media lap dog enablers

obey with potr

Yes, I also saw my pay sheet for my next paycheck.  I was neither shocked, nor surprised.  I only lost $66 from my paycheck after my 1% raise I was honestly lucky enough to get.  Only with these self righteous clowns in the White house can a man get a raise and end up actually getting paid less.  All this while the President with his sycophant chronic career political failures and wannabe jackbooted socialist class warfare activists preen to the loyal propaganda sell out media lap dog enablers talking about how they saved us all from the greedy bastard Republican thugs trying to steal our money for the rich.  (Wow, that’s a serious run on sentence huh?)

If you voted for Obama I can still drink a beer with you and talk about nearly anything.  I prefer to discuss zombies, football, cigars or booze.  But if you open your mouth and say anything about the Democrats helping the middle class or being fiscally responsible I must politely excuse myself and leave.  I find it rude to call someone fraking stupid in a social situation and would prefer to just avoid doing so to you.  Yes, I know it was the sun-setting of the payroll tax “holiday”.  I get it.  I also am informed enough to know that our 2013 taxes we file next year heavily cut all the standards deductions and child credit deductions and you can kiss any refund goodbye so enjoy one this year if you get them. That was not in any way shape or form a “tax the rich”  that was a “tax you and hope your so stupid with blind obedience to this idea of change posing as a leader” that you don’t see it.  A blind man can see that the cost of every single thing we do/eat/touch/fuel our cars with has skyrocketed.  Tax the rich my ass.   Shame on us, correction shame on you, for smiling at these charlatans while they talk of protecting the middle class as we are kicked in the stomachs.  Blind mindless fools.

But let’s just cut to the chase:

Sane people can tell when someone’s pissing on their head and telling them that it’s raining.

I’m feeling way too negative now Freaks.  It must be the oppressive weight of this personal liberty crushing deep blue north eastern state I’m trapped in.  Thank God I’m spending a few days in Texas next week to breath free air again.

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6 Responses to The President, Sycophant chronic career political failures, Wannabe jackbooted socialist, Class warfare activists and Loyal propaganda sell out media lap dog enablers

  1. caohaoim says:

    Never trust governmental “fairness.” It never has been.

  2. No it has not. What I see is the Cult of Personality and PC fears against speaking out against the idiot masses eroding the core values of our country. These fools with their class warfare are being spoon feed what they want to hear till they won’t hear crash of a powerful nation. It’s as if the want to see America brought to it’s knees by the lazy and worthless using nothing but pure block numbers of handout greedy give away bribed school drop out fools all begging to become slaves. Just because they feel entitled to being taken care of. You know what slave got? Free food and housing. Then their masters beat the shit out of, and killed, them in a life of horror.

    hmm, maybe that’s my theme for tomorrows post….

  3. caohaoim says:

    The Kevin Money Quote.

    With freedom comes responsibility,without responsibility there is no freedom. One does not exist without the other.

  4. The key is responsibility. People are losing their sense of responsibility for their own well being.

  5. caohaoim says:

    They lost it with Lafollette

  6. You know I read a History of the United States Army copyright 1938 that my Father in Law gave me. Before the PC plague hit our history books. Did you know they used to teach there was much much more to the Gen Benedict Arnold story than we read today? Specifically the betrayal to the American Forces by the Continental Congress in attempting to surrender to England and refusal to fund General Washington’s forces. The colonies privately funded Gen Washington through the carry over till after Valley Forge when the CC decided to stop riding the fence and commit to the war for independence.

    Second item of note was how unabashed we were in acknowledging our genocidal warfare against specifically the Seminole Indians in Florida. You don’t read that shit any more do you? You used to be able to. Now you’ll have to find something printed before 1960 to even get a glimpse at unbiased history.

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