This Friday is for thoughts on Beer and Guns

On Beer.  I have determined that God endorses beer.  Beer has been made by Monks for centuries.  Monks are tight with the G-Man.  Therefore I consider it a tact endorsement by God that beer is good.  I don’t want to anger God.  So today I shall consume several  IPAs to ensure I am not smashed by a rogue asteroid, or stray lighting bolt.  Both of those things would really suck is my working assumption.  Today’s menu is a six pack of Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale and another of Sam Adams Boston Lager (minus one).

Squirrel Fire

On guns.  I’ve decided to boil down my opinion on all the pro/con arguments tossed about lately to this:  Yes I do need an AR with high capacity magazines and they are perfectly legal.   The 2nd Amendment doesn’t have a damn thing to do with muskets, hunting or how much ammunition a person can have.  The 2nd Amendment is one of a series of checks against government overreach.   If you want to criminalize ownership of said firearms by law abiding American citizens then I’d bet even money that “serious” secessionist movements will start gaining ground after a brutal and unorganized election cycle fails to stem the tide of socialism.  This “collectivism, progressiveness, liberalism, whatever…” is a drug that the selfish, foolish, lazy and short sighted masses crave.  It is also a historically crippling and nation sinking drug.  The number of buried guns will be staggering and the first domino will begin to tilt.

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14 Responses to This Friday is for thoughts on Beer and Guns

  1. caohaoim says:

    Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    On the gun issues: In a serendipitous event two members of a group I belong to compete at 500yds and do their own custom loads. I will be picking their brains as much as they allow.

  2. I’m woefully unprepared to engage at that sort of range. I’m all 300m and closer with my current rigs. I’d love to get a SOCOM II, or the like, and start getting into better ranges. Alas I’ll have to wait for a winning lotto ticket first.

  3. caohaoim says:

    With my sling shot 50yds is ambitous

  4. Now don’t go carrying pellets in a large pouch or you could run afoul of the law with a “high capacity assault weapon”.

  5. caohaoim says:

    That would be the compressed air pellet gun I’m tinkering with/designing. The mach 1.2 ping pong ball is my inspiration.

  6. In Maryland it’s ‘crossbows’. I’ve seem guys with more goochie gear on their crossbows than I have on my AR. I’m pretty sure you can kill someone with one of those too.

  7. caohaoim says:

    a year ago I was taken to a archery range. The guy in the lane next to us had a compound bow with a laser that he could correct for distance and wind.

  8. They’re getting pretty high speed now.

  9. Alfie says:

    is a drug that the selfish, foolish, lazy and short sighted masses crave.

    that sounds like zombies. more reason for more ammo

  10. caohaoim says:

    Heretic!!!!! Good beer requires care, planning, diligence and inspiration from God. Bad beer is for zombies.

  11. Yup. I often think of the “Zombie Apocalypse” as pseudonymous with social collapse. Same preparedness actions needed anyway.

  12. @caohaoim. I believe Alfie was referring to collectivism, not beer. Besides even bad beer can still be used for barter and zombies only drink Zima. Which I refuse to even categorize as beer.

  13. caohaoim says:

    Nevermind. My mind seldom get’s past a mention of beer,

  14. Ah an affliction many of us have.

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