Because it’s Friday and time to get a drink on…

Raise your Freak glasses high today in a salute to those lucky individuals we elected into the privilege of being our personal paid representatives in government.  A votre santé!   Keep drinking from the fountain of political stagnation that is the DNC and RNC .


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4 Responses to Because it’s Friday and time to get a drink on…

  1. caohaoim says:

    POTR is on the water wagon. No mead for him.

  2. Nope. Two beers in now trying to figure out how to photshop a: Ex-Prex Bush aka Hell’s Overlord riding on the evil kitten consuming and winged Dick Cheney, surrounded by assault rifle armed Tea Party supporters. I’m trying to capture the liberal though process. Maybe superimpose over the all knowing and lovable Minor Deity that is out beloved President Obama.

  3. caohaoim says:

    OKA… so a Minor Deity is in love with Obama? Drudge didn’t have anything on that.

  4. Now if I just stopped slamming beers I could get to it.

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