Now it’s just a joke………….. and slavery is back.

MSNBC’s on air sock puppets have now called Sequestration racist.  Now set aside the fact that Melissa Harris-Perry is a flaming socialist race baiter who constantly just spouts socialist dogma to a panel of like minded drones.  The entire thought is just stupid.  It does show though that both MSNBC as a legitimate news source, and the accusing  (and/or use of the word) racist is now pointless.  These media empty headed self appointed voices of the common man now use the term racist like the words sunny or cloudy.  It’s now just a joke, and so are these TV personalities.  I can’t event make myself call them reporters.  Because they are not reporters at all.  There’s no reporting from these oxygen thieves.  They just spouting the ideology of their chosen master.   Ideological bigotry is now the new racism and the discrimination is rampant, socially acceptable and media driven.  Is is now as common and socially acceptable as real racism was in our past.  Slavery has returned to America.  It’s now in the mind but it’s just as real and dangerous.

mental slavery

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4 Responses to Now it’s just a joke………….. and slavery is back.

  1. caohaoim says:

    Interesting set of conflicts. Sequestration was Obama’s Idea. Therefore Obama is a racist. The latter is probably true. All you need to do is look at racial makeup of his staff and the DNC and how Blacks have suffered the most from his policies. But then Obama isn’t Black. He is an “African-Un-American”

  2. Well according to MSNBC reporter logic anyone, or group of people, that present a point of view differing from their own personal point of view on the issue is a racist.

  3. caohaoim says:

    Obama was for the sequester before he was against it and then he was for and then against it. I need a chart.

  4. Well it was also the end of the world. Now it’s not. What a tool.

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