Maryland, 44 out of 50 for American freedoms. Or as I see it, the 6th most repressive state in America.

Where Maryland fails is the personal freedom dimension suuuuucks.  But can you find the one “good” thing?  How is it the the “liberal/blue” states have created the more repressive laws and government process.  I though they we all about tolerance and acceptance?  Oh right, that’s all bullshit.

MERCATUS CENTER.  On the regulatory policy side, land-use planning is very centralized, local rent controls exist, eminent domain abuse is basically unreformed, there is no right-to-work law, health insurance mandates add a whopping 57.1 percent to the cost of no-mandate policies (an increase of over 6 percent in 2009—10), premium changes in small group and nongroup health insurance markets require prior approval from the state, cable and telecom remain unreformed, and occupational licensing is much more pervasive than average (however, the 2009—10 legislature deserves credit for legalizing independent nurse practitioner practice). On the positive side, Maryland’s court system is rated above average.


Where Maryland fails is the personal freedom dimension, where it is the second-worst-ranked state. Maryland boasts the seventh-strictest gun control laws in the country: carry permits are expensive and rarely issued; “assault weapons,” cheap handguns, and large-capacity magazines are banned; sales are banned unless by licensed dealers; and so on. Its marijuana laws are fairly harsh as well, except that the first offense of high-level possession is only a misdemeanor, and the state has an almost-useless medical marijuana exception. Maryland’s impositions on personal freedom also include extensive auto and road regulations, tight gambling laws, a ban on raw milk, a law allowing police to take DNA from certain felony arrestees, burdensome private and home school laws that require private school teachers to be licensed and effectively subject curricula to government approval, very high drug arrest rates (though incarceration and other victimless crimes arrest rates are low), lack of same-sex marriage or equivalent status (since enacted by the legislature and confirmed by popular vote), high tobacco taxes, and an airtight, statewide smoking ban. The only personal freedom on which Maryland is better than average is the freedom to consume alcohol: taxes on booze are low.

Did you see the one good thing Maryland has yet?

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4 Responses to Maryland, 44 out of 50 for American freedoms. Or as I see it, the 6th most repressive state in America.

  1. caohaoim says:

    Wouldn’t you be better off on a floating barge at the 6 mile limit?

  2. Yes, yes I would……. But our Maryland Emperor and Chief Governor Martin Joseph O’Malley is a front runner DNC darling. If America doesn’t wake the hell up their social guilt complex will turn the rest of the nation into government dependent slaves like NY/MD/CA………..

  3. belesari says:

    But isn’t the the point rat? Places like mass and Maryhell can’t support their policies. So they decided to pull the whole country in to make it fair.

  4. I plan to corrupt them from within at every possible opportunity presented.

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