The real “#4” to retire.

It’s a sad day for us Lions fans.  The real #4 Jason Hanson (K) has announced retirement from the Detroit Lions.  I know kickers come and go in the NFL and only seem to make a mark when they miss a kick and knock a team out of the playoffs.  But Jason Hanson has been a Pro-Bowl and future Hall of Fame anchor to the Lions Francise though thick and thin times.  He’s spent 21 years in the NFL and all of it with the Lions.  Jason Hanson has always been a bright spot of dedication and professionalism for the forlorn fans of Motown.  I’ll miss all of those 50 yarders of his

Detroit Sports Nation.  Good bye Jason – thank you for being the consummate professional and leader of the Detroit Lions for 21 years. Jason Hanson, the greatest placekicker in Detroit Lions history and one of the best to ever play in the National Football League, today announced that he is retiring after 21 record-setting seasons with the Lions.


Click image below for career stat summary:


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4 Responses to The real “#4” to retire.

  1. caohaoim says:

    I thought for sure he would go for Blanda’s record. He is probably responsible for 50 extra wins for the Lions over what an average kicker would have done.

  2. ESPN is saying if any kicker is making the Hall of Fame anytime soon it’s him.

  3. caohaoim says:

    I certainly agree with that.

  4. Lions just signed Akers as his replacement. Looks like he’s a bridge to a younger kicker though.

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