The 0.2% majority spout open bigotry and they burst with pride about it

So as I figure it by my unofficial tally of open oft repeated listing of my faults as an American by our elected officials I’m a: Caucasian, gun owning, war veteran, Christian, conservative libertarian, grandson of legal Alsatian immigrants, I have a job, I curse too much, I do not want to give up a single right I’m entitled to already, I hate the fact I have pay for Democrats to buy votes through allowing folks to sit on their ass all day while I work, I watch football, could care less about the political views of Hollywood, I like to drink and smoke cigars, I pay my taxes, I think the Interstate Commerce Clause is the single most damaging piece of legislation in American history (to date) but the Health Affordability Act 2010 will cause the fiscal collapse of the nation in the end, I’m pro secular same sax marriage but against forcing churches to recognize that if they don’t want to, I’m for a flat tax and I think the US shouldn’t hand out another cent in foreign aid till the national debt is $0.

Because of all that I am a “THEY” to our Socialist-Democrat government in power.  I am repeatedly cited as the problem needed to be fixed by our President, Congressmen, State government mouth-breathers, HOAs and the media.  I personally am the source of all that is wrong with America.  I caused the housing bubble collapse.  I caused the deficit.  I cause gun crime.  I cause joblessness.  I cause hunger.  I cause AIDS.  I caused a poor education system.  I cause racism.  I cause pollution.  I enable evil big bankers.  I cause the world to think ill of America.  I caused 911.  I cause social repression.  I caused millions of undocumented immigrants to be forced to live in a world of shadows.

I caused it all because now “I” am the “they”.  As we have been clearly informed that “they” are the root of all evil blocking the forward path to change by our leader.

I should be ashamed to be a “they”.

Oddly enough, even after being shown clearly the errors of my evil ways, I do not feel ashamed.  What is this feeling then?

Denial?  No.

Guilt?  Nope, not that either.

What is it then?  If I could just put my finger on it.

Oh yeah.  PISSED OFF!

Frak you, the nation killing “we”.  The rest of us “they” are running out of patience with being verbally kicked in the balls day after day.

I need to find a good union teacher to report this repeated bulling to.  Oh wait. I’m a “they” so I don’t get to have rights or personal opinions anymore…………


There is a time of reckoning in all our lives. – Lorna Luft

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