Dear Mr. President……. please just stop………

Does President Obama have some strange mental restriction that forces him to appease whatever foreign crowd he happens to be speaking to by offering up how bad and shameful America’s actions are and how they we are to blame for every bad thing that’s ever happened in the world?  He does understand he the President of “The United states of America” right?!   Maybe after he leaves office from his, gratefully, final term in office the next President can appoint him as American UN Ambassador so he can join the rest of the America bashing crowd officially.  I think he’ll fit in well there.

soul of the evil squirrel

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3 Responses to Dear Mr. President……. please just stop………

  1. salgak says:

    There’s a reason I don’t snark about the pResident much on my blog. When it comes to teh Burning Stoopid, zapping Obama is about as much effort as shooting fish in a barrel . . .

  2. Yeah. Plus it just gets me aggravated. I think I’ll stick to Zombie Prep today….

  3. WhicH blog? I know your baenbulk site.

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