Another episode of drunken Saturday troll baiting….PART II (The meltdown into gibbering insanity)

Ok Freaks, there was in fact another session of troll baiting after my post last night.  This one was completely inadvertent on my part.  This wack-a-doo just jumped me at 100 mph and I had to engage.  His meltdown into talking point confusion was hilarious as it had noting to do with a thing I ever said but he couldn’t register that fact.   His last profane rants are the only ones that made it though the filers as the moderator started blocking his original response.  Maybe I should not of asked him if he had suffered a “brain injury”  but besides that I feel I was pretty polite.    I really gotta stop doing this stuff……….  But oh well, read on.



Ehor • 7 hours ago

Wasn’t it the federal government who created the housing crisis in the first place by mandating a policy that everyone should own their own home thereby leading to more lax lending practices? As I recall, Barney Frank was very outspoken about this. How irresponsible of them now to push the blame off on someone else all while creating more work for themselves in the process.

Now here we go into a classic troll meltdown into gibbering insanity:

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  Ehor • 6 hours ago

Barney Frank forced the banks to make unacceptable loans to people that had zero right to get them in the sake of political correctness. I say, send him the damn bill for the housing collapse.

 chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 5 hours ago

Why don’t you explain exactly how Barney accomplished tha because personally I don’t think you know what your talking about and are just regurgitating GOP bullshit talking points because it wasn’t Fannie and Freddie it was your friendly neighborhood Republican controlled Congress, yup you guessed it that passed another bad tax cut, the Tax payer relief Act in 1997 that was the legislation that gave consumers the impetus to buy homes they could not afford and just for you I’m going to provide the vote count which was, now pay close attention to this, 99% of Republicans voted yes on the Tax payer Relief Act of 1997 while only 80% of Democrats voted yes with 20% voting no.
So the truth is that it was Republicans that voted yes by a 2 to 1 margin to pass the legislation that encouraged people to take out loans they could not afford by an overwhelming majority over Democrats and you no something else it is because of Republican voters like you who refuse to fact check what your elected officials tell you and totally believe the lies the Republicans tell you that is the reason these things will continue to happen.
And if you don’t think that Republican politicians don’t know that you aren’t going to fact check what they tell you and see you as gullible and easily lied to you are very wrong.
And you know something if you go to the nonpartisan website you can also see that it was a majority of Republicans voting that voted for the financial deregulation that was responsible for the 2008 economic crash.
So until you and other Republicans start fact checking the lies you are being fed nothing is ever going to change.

225 99.6%

164 80.0%

0 0.0%

389 90.0%

Not voting

1 0.4%

41 20.0%

1 100%
43 10.0%……

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 5 hours ago

Sigh…….. how tiring.
1. I’m not a Republican
2. Franks was the Committee chair who browbeat the banks (on video, print, tape ect, and I’m not thesis citing it all so you can just look it up up yourself as it’s common knowledge. Try google.) to giving high risk loans to low income applicants.
3. This is common, fact checked and old news that you can research at your leisure.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 5 hours ago

Oh, forgot to add: Thanks for cherry picking one of about 5-7 causes to cut and paste some neato facts out of context and leaving out the cool ones like mandatory loans. It’s not a single event, or single party, screw up It’s both parties and my point was Barney Frank was front and center in the whole mess.

chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 4 hours ago

You sound like a rabid right winger.

And I’m not going to look up anything because it’s pretty clear to me that both parties where responsible for passing the legislation that caused the housing crash and the economic crash.

So to me it is a crock to try and single out one member of Congress for the blame when the facts point to many many more.

And as we speak the House just passed a bipartisan bill out of committee that is dergulating the same complex derivatives that destroyed the economy in 2008 in the first place.

I am a firm believer in spreading the blame around to all that deserve it.
so I will be the first to admit that the entire congress both Democrats and Republicans are self serving corrupt crooks .

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 4 hours ago

Thanks for agreeing with my point. Both parties were to blame. I clearly stated that already. You can deny Barney Frank was a central figure. OK. That’s not in fact true. It was a major reelection issue for him last time around, but that’s OK. You’ve added a major amount of “rabid right Winger” accusation nonsense to a simple statement that Barney Frank was a central figure in the housing crisis. None of this other stuff your throwing in was either said, or implied by me. You’ve added every bit of that yourself. I can only assuming you’re on some form of weird conservative witch hunt. I love your spirit, but don’t associate statements, or intent to me when there is no rational fact to do so in the above thread. Of which, everyone can clearly see I never said yet you state I did. It just makes you a liar.

chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 4 hours ago

And if you’re not Republican then don’t talk and act like one and no one will be confused and mistake you for a tea bagger..
Cause honestly I don’t care for either party because the entire political system is corrupt but having said that I dislike Republicans much more than I dislike Democrats so I kind of live for pointing out hypocrisy and the facts to rabid right wing tea baggers\\

 The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 4 hours ago

You need to stop forcing people into convenient buckets. Bottom line, I said Barney Frank was central to the housing collapse. I can only imagine because I criticized him, and he happens to be a Democrat, you have made an immediate mental jump to me being a right winger. That’s simplistic and inane. Every other single thing in this thread you assumed and attributed to me is just what you’ve made up as you went. Simple as that. The longer you continue the more your expose yourself as no more that a simple small minded political bigot unable to engage in simple discourse.

chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 4 hours ago

So you tell me if the average consumer knew they where going to get a massive tax cut on a mortgage product and applied for one under that assumption and likewise the prospective mortgage institution, whether it was Fanny, Sachs or Morgan Stanley or BOFA, why wouldn’t every lending institution, with the exception of Credit Unions whose requirements where/and still are much more stringent than savings and loan institutions and was the primary reason they did not get caught up in the 2008 economic crash, ease their lending criteria?

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 4 hours ago

What the hell are you talking about with your random spouting gibberish. Do you have a brain injury or something? I was talking about Barney Frank being a figure in it. I never said anything of the sort on any other fact in the housing collapse beside that. Are you stuck on a talking point script or something? Hint, read my comments. You may notice I’ve never mentioned a thing your implying.

 chil4356  chil4356 • 4 hours ago

get your facts straight you moron post some facts and links genius you’re the brain damaged one not me. I provided you with links to back up my statements do the same or shut your mouth

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 3 hours ago

Facts on what? Random nonsense you are spouting? Nothing you have said relates to a single thing I’ve actually stated. Your stuck on your DNC talking points and throwing them around at non existing targets.

chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 3 hours ago

bite me you tea bag POS

 The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 3 hours ago

Well that’s mature discourse now isn’t it. Because I feel Barney Frank was a central figure in the housing collapse and acknowledge that both established political parties were also to blame I am a “tea bag POS”. Hmmm. You got some issues dude. But that’s a nice wrap up for you I suppose. God Bless 🙂

chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 39 minutes ago

and you are right I have issues about people who are evasive and who insist there opinion is the only opinion that matters and then try to pull the who me defense when they are challenged

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 34 minutes ago

Yup. I agree, that would be frustrating. I’d recommend some self reflection. Maybe not call people a “POS” would help in your social interactions as well. But that’s just a personal opinion. Other than that I think you have taken the first step in your recovery journey. Good luck with that.

 chil4356  The Pissed Off Tree Rat • 25 minutes ago

Go F-yourself. Like i said i think your a dick and I don’t like you so there is no way from this point forward I’m even going to attempt to be civil to you. I don’t like you. End of conversation Enjoy my suggestion to pleasure yourself but pleas go do it..

The Pissed Off Tree Rat  chil4356 • 18 minutes ago

I too hope you find all the pleasure in the world Mr. chil4356, and I accept your desire for me to find pleasure in my own. I wish you well.

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2 Responses to Another episode of drunken Saturday troll baiting….PART II (The meltdown into gibbering insanity)

  1. bltdonahue says:

    Too much more of this, and I’m going to have to stage an intervention.

  2. For some reason it’s always on Sat……

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