Open Your Window to the Cold Air of reality

As snow falls all over the northern hemisphere on a date later than ever before seen in recorded history we get news of a pretentious exhibit of non-art about global warming.
First the art. One knows it is not art when it requires an explanation with endless coda just to have a glimpse at the turgid fantasy it took to envision this excrement. However, since it is in service to an ideology intent on the enslavement of humanity it must be truly profound.
Next the weather. Just open the window to the cold air of reality. I sit here in my home as we end the coldest spring ever recorded by man in this place. I look at the sun as it emits less energy every day than ever previously seen. I see that most of our food crops are of a variety know as C3. This type evolved to to thrive in a world where CO2 levels were several time the levels they now are. Go to a commercial greenhouse and you will often see equipment to increase the CO2 levels so that the plants will grow stronger and more vitally.
So go back to your world where ideology trumps reality and when you find yourself shivering in the years to come I may take pity on you and bring you a lump of coal to warm you.

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