Some of us know what Memorial Day means

Sempre in Hostes my brothers.

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3 Responses to Some of us know what Memorial Day means

  1. caohaoim says:

    fidelis ad mortem, ornatum omni tempore.

  2. bltdonahue says:

    Indeed, brother, I know what it means.

    It’s a holiday I’m a bit torn about. It’s been two generations since my family suffered to any serious degree…yet we’ve all suffered to some small degree this whole time.

    I’m content to know that the few precious friends I’ve lost would rather like the fact that I sat on my ass, consumed meat, drank beer (OK, I admit…some whiskey and bourbon too, as required), and helped my family enjoy some rather casual and peaceful entertainment and fellowship…the likes of which would be the envy of almost any family since the dawn of time.

    Yeah, I drank my beer, scratched my balls, belched, and pissed (all at the mostly appropriate times and places) knowing my family and friends enjoyed doing likewise without concern thanks to the sacrifices of hallowed countrymen.

  3. Unfortunately I sent the day with the stomach flu running through my bio hazard home. Kids………. little plague carriers. What they pick up in school and on the street these days!

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