Reminder: Aug 9th, It may be only a preseason game, but closer it comes.

Yes, yes my precious come to me.   I need my fix and you are what I’m a hankering for.  I will accept your August foreplay, but then it’s down to business on 8 Sept.  Yes, yes my precious….

1 Fri, Aug 9 7:30 PM
2 Thu, Aug 15 7:30 PM
3 Thu, Aug 22 7:30 PM
4 Thu, Aug 29 7:00 PM
1 Sun, Sep 8 1:00 PM FOX
2 Sun, Sep 15 4:05 PM FOX
3 Sun, Sep 22 1:00 PM FOX
4 Sun, Sep 29 1:00 PM FOX
5 Sun, Oct 6 1:00 PM FOX
6 Sun, Oct 13 1:00 PM FOX
7 Sun, Oct 20 1:00 PM CBS
8 Sun, Oct 27 1:00 PM FOX
10 Sun, Nov 10 1:00 PM FOX
11 Sun, Nov 17 1:00 PM FOX
12 Sun, Nov 24 1:00 PM FOX
13 Thu, Nov 28 12:30 PM FOX
14 Sun, Dec 8 1:00 PM FOX
15 Mon, Dec 16 8:30 PM
16 Sun, Dec 22 4:05 PM FOX
17 Sun, Dec 29 1:00 PM FOX

Lions 2013 Draft Picks:


1 5(5) E. Ansah DE Brigham Young

2 4(36) D. Slay – Mississippi State

3 3(65) L. Warford OG Kentucky

4 35(132) D. Taylor DE South Carolina

5 32(165) S. Martin – Appalachian State

6 3(171) C. Fuller WR Virginia Tech

6 31(199) T. Riddick RB Notre Dame

7 5(211) M. Williams TE Alabama

7 39(245) B. Hepburn – Florida A&M


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4 Responses to Reminder: Aug 9th, It may be only a preseason game, but closer it comes.

  1. caohaoim says:

    Lions 7 and 9

    Pack 13 and 3

  2. Pre-season bleacher report is going with all of NFC North team’s very capable of having a winning season for the first time ever in the NFL. The variables they’re still questioning is the Detroit and Green Bay defenses and Chicago’s offense. I think Detroit’s off season moves have added allot to their offense so far with an improved d-line but still a “?” on their secondary. I haven’t been tracking GB or Chi moves yet. So what’s the deal with the GB defense. Big turn over of players or something this year?

  3. caohaoim says:

    Contract crap. Some marginal players have too large of contracts. Packers would rather release them than continue paying them at that rate. Only one we will miss is Woodson because of his ferocity and experience. he is a bit long in the tooth now,

  4. That’s how the Lions got Israel Idonije from the Bears. He’s still got a season or two left in the tank. Gives the Lions a much needed pass rusher and upgrades the outside line substantially. A loss for the Bears, but at least a short term gain for the Leos.

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