Leave it to the Germans

The Liberal political cause as explained from a German perspective:

You’ve got the smile of Judas on your lips,

You’re following your script,

Trying to hide your anger

I see a cheap facade upon your face… to cover your distaste

It can’t confine your rancor

Extend your olive branch, but its all full of thorns

You’re talking peace, but in your eyes

Is a bucket full of hate

You’re coming under false pretense,

You’re trying to make amends… It’s a counterfeit production

Yeah this performance is just a sham… it’s nothing but a scan

A bogus reconstruction

Extend your olive branch, its just a masquerade

Your talkin’ peace and love,

You try to camouflage your animosity

You’re getting crushed beneath the weight…

Of a bucket full of hate…

Bucketful Of Hate by Accept

What do they hate you ask?  As far as i can tell it’s success and independence in thought and life.


About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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