News flash… The DNC and RNC are not mandated by anything and are not bound to constituencies, but the “elected” still are.

These professional political juntas are now insulting the intelligence of every damn one of us.

The Hill:  Successful recall elections Tuesday of two Democratic state senators in Colorado were because of “voter suppression, pure and simple,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Wednesday.

What the DNC is afraid of, and the RNC needs to take close notes on or suffer the same, is that constituents have begun to remember that they are the intended drivers of their elected officials votes not the un-elected paid professional strategists of the parties. Both parties are only concerned with maintaining their power holdings and continued gerrymandering to shut out 3rd party candidates and keep their twisted voting district boundaries mutating to best support their anointed candidates. The DNC and RNC should not decide how your elected representatives votes, it’s the “constituents representative vote” not the DNC’s or RNC’s. If an elected official decides that he/she is more beholden to his/her party master than to that of their constituents then they risk being forced out by that same group. This is a beautiful example of Democracy at work. Preibus and Wasserman Schultz better knock off this childish whining or gloating potentially on the Preibus side, and look at what happened as a message that should be learned from. Our Representative are intended work for us, not the party masters, and they should take this event as a firm reminder of such.  Seems like we were doing just fine before we let ourselves get convinced these two non-elected organizations with not a single Constitutional standing, in any way shape or form, get to run our governments for us.  I call bullshit on their entire power grabbed political machinations and the drone voters turning the wheels of the clockworks mindlessly for them.

The 1st United States Congress 1789

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) ratified 1789

The 11th Amendment ratified 1795

The 12th Amendment ratified 1804

*The DNC was established at the 1848*

*The RNC was established at the 1856*


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