We have become a society of pervasive self deception.

“Approach each new problem not with a view of finding what you hope will be there, but to get the truth, the realities that must be grappled with. You may not like what you find. In that case you are entitled to try to change it. But do not deceive yourself as to what you do find to be the facts of the situation. ” – Bernard M. Baruch

Sometimes I wonder if American politics is really just a change management issue.  It is not the fact that we have two parties enshrined by their own manipulation of the voter policies, and procedures, of the United States government.  What really bothers me is the fact that most Americans think they have to have the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee as the two parties in charge of running Congress as well as state and federal offices.  The reality is there is no requirement to have a Democratic and Republican party structure within the Constitution or any other core legal document that governs America.  It is in fact nothing more than the Americans are resistance change in US politics.  Unless we happen to be talking about Second Amendment, Americans seem to think that you can not change the status quo.  The entire fact that we only have two parties today is not enshrined in any effective or efficient philosophy on how you govern the country.  There has been several political parties throughout the history of America.  Even what is now the current iteration of the Republican and Democratic parties have actually switched major social political viewpoint stances over the last hundred years.  So it is not that the parties themselves have been rooted so deeply into core values that they actually represent both sides of the coin of an average Americans political perspective.  What they represent.  In fact, is nothing more than the two parties themselves maintaining power over a two-party governing system that they had in fact solidified by writing laws and  election procedures while performing the party controlled gerrymandering of districts that in essence prevent any other type of competition for the very seats that they hold today.

The RNC and DNC  have actually created a political monopoly.  Which is ironic because they bring companies in front of them to answer to Congress on whether or not those corporations are creating monopolies.  Because they want to protect us against those bad cooperate monopolies they claim will screw us over if they’re let to operate as such.  They are a damn political monopoly themselves!  Republicans and the Democrats are not about ensuring ideals and representing their constituents.  There are about maintaining their own personal power as a party.  When you know when you pick Bob, or Joe, or Sue for your representative to Congress you are actually just voting for a party.  To think otherwise is really self-deception.  I know everyone likes to think that are above that.  But when you go into the voting booth, you always see an option at the top of the screen or the top left of the ballot.  That option is to vote for “straight ticket” and in essence give over all of your responsibility for understanding the positions and capabilities of each person on that ballot and had over those decisions to either the Democratic National Committee, the Republican National Committee.  You have decided that a grouping of unelected career politicians whose interest is strictly maintaining the most amount of power within its political party makes better decisions than yours.  I mentioned in a post a few days ago about how I do not actually believe that any current incumbent deserves to be reelected.  I also address how everyone seems to have the “It is not my guy” philosophy that their congressman or representative is okay, but it is the “other guys”.  No, it is not the other guys.  It’s all of them.

Imagine you were a shareholder with only one hundred dollars of shares in a company and the Board of Directors was running the company into the ground.  You would be irate.  You would demand that either the CEO take action or that at the next election that Board of Directors was removed immediately.  Because they were impacting your hundred dollar investment in that company.  You demand effective and efficient management of that company, or else.  The American people hold sixteen trillion dollars of stock in the company that is America.  Our Board of Directors is a failure.  They are inefficient and ineffective and cannot perform their jobs with the grouping that we have put in their today.  The very group that we voted into office.  We are defending them individually, but they let us fail as an organization.  That is no way that you would let your hundred dollar investment be managed by a company.  But you will let sixteen trillion dollars worth of our investments be handled by rank amateurs and failures.  It is despicable.  Today’s Gallup poll said 60% of Americans think the entire Congress should be replaced.  That is a good damn start.  What pisses me off is the fact that although 60% say they want a clean sweep 85% of them will vote for the same damn guy was causing the problems today.  Because it is not “their guy.”  that is causing the problem, it is the “other guy” causing all the problems.  That is delusional and its self-deception.  I insist that every American should treat our sixteen trillion dollar investment the same as they would a personal $100 stock investment from any company in the United States.  The DNC and the RNC have shown that their usefulness and effectiveness is gone.  They are concerned with nothing more than keeping their own parties in the seats that they have now.  They do not care about anything going on within this country and colluded to make sure they’re the only ones allowed entry into the political system.

I do not care what their sob stories are that they are going on about the other guy.  They are failing as an organization and should be addressed as such.  Failures!  This election needs to reflect what that 60% of Americans that actually saying in the Gallup poll that they think the entire Congress should be replaced.  We need to put out vote where our mouths are.  You cannot have a third-party viable within the selection process without massive change and that cannot be done before the next election night.  Unfortunately I acknowledge that.  But it needs to be a national debate, the DNC and the RNC must be held accountable to the public and must be brought forward to explain themselves to the public.  Not blustering and bullshit about it is the other party’s fault.  They are there to govern manage effectively and efficiently they cannot do that.  Since it is been made perfectly clear that they are incapable of working together, they need to present a plan to America as to why they need to maintain their status as being the only two parties that can finally make a ballot.  And this is not an individual request to a Senator to talk about how he is doing it for his specific constituency.  Those are lies.  Everybody knows they are lies perpetuating our own self-deception bordering on disillusionment in the American people.  I want to see the RNC and the DNC chairman in front of a panel. committee  A committee of legitimate media and citizens to answer for their ineffectiveness inefficiencies and tell us how they are going to stop acting like children start working together like corporate managing adults.  They wouldn’t be able to even begin to explain how they’d start.  The DNC and RNC are broken structures.

If you disagree then give them your hard earned $100 bill to flush down the toilet, but leave the rest of our sixteen trillion dollars alone.



Seems that I’m not alone in thinking real change is needed:


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