Best explanation yet for why ‘StarWars’ Is Better Than ‘Star Trek’

At the risk of starting a Nerd flame war, I’ll add a “Damn right skippy.” to:

“Star Wars has never been about the technology. How do lightsabers work? Crystals or some sh*t. How can they travel faster than the speed of light? F**k you, that’s how. George Lucas tried adding science to his fable exactly once, and we can all agree it was a disastrous mistake.  Every piece of technology in Star Wars — from the Death Star’s murdergun to Luke’s landspeeder — might as well be made with magic for all the explanation we’re given. But Star Trek is laden with technobabble, because every new thing that happens needs an explanation. All that detail is wonderful for that tiny core of dedicated fans, but it’s a lot harder to sell to a general movie audience.”

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2 Responses to Best explanation yet for why ‘StarWars’ Is Better Than ‘Star Trek’

  1. blt says:

    “Star Trek is accurate”

    “Star Trek is science”

    Well…I enjoyed Star Trek for many reasons. Once I got my engineering degree, enjoying it for accuracy and science was definitely NOT part of the experience. At that point, Star Wars went from “better” to “prison-stomping Star Trek.”

    We will not discuss rumors of any Star Wars “prequels” of course.

  2. I just hope the “squeals” are gritty post Republic downfall chaos and war between the factions of terrorist rebels and their loosely knit alliances trying to run their purges and Sith witch hunts. Death, mayhem, betrayal and infighting. It has some potential.

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