Science vs Religion from a Pissed Off Tree Rate perspective

To sum up my position on science  (namely the Atheists using science to justify their lack of tolerance of religion) vs religion  (namely the random people just stuck justifying religion as a whole to Atheists after being drug into creationism theology discussions because they said they went to church):

Hug it out, agree to disagree, acknowledge that it really doesn’t make any difference to the universe at all and then go for drinks.

Yes, I’m singling out the Atheists today as being quite possibility the most persistently annoying and anti-tolerant group on the net of late.  So much so I’d swear you were a political party instead of a quasi cultural social media anti-religion religion.   Religious discussions tend to be of the initiated sort.  Keeping that in mind, people looking for fights generally find them.

So what do I base such personal negative statements today on Atheist conduct on?  I use this method.  I add up mentally the number of times an Atheist has publicly, or privately, initiated a discussion in my presence on how fraked up religion is and how it has such a negative influence on history vs how may times people have asked me if I’ve found Jesus and such.  Yeah……….. go figure.  It’s about a 50 to 1 tally against the Atheist side there.  Probably even higher than that but I do tend to lose count often when straddled up to a bar.  For people that don’t want religion brought up anywhere, and/or forced onto them, they sure as hell  bring it up all the time.  The last time someone unsolicited knocked on my door to give me the “Good News” was nearly 25 years ago.

I mean everyone’s got their thing.  Mine happens to be politics, beer, zombies and beer.  Oh yeah, and the NFL too.  But mostly beer and zombie apocalypse stuff.  I just can get the “thing” of not wanting to be pushed a certain ideal but constantly over and over and over and over to keep making people discuss it with you.  All this over an unfalsifiable argument.  What is the damn point?  Seems very tiring to me.

So how about this………. Don’t go asking people prodding personal questions that you know will piss you off when they answer.  Choose another topic. Have a good discussion on it.  Again, have a beer or seven.  Maybe enjoy the day and possible make a friend in the process.  See?  Not being a social assclown can be a good thing sometimes.

So my dear Evangelical and Atheist freaky friends, again,  Hug it out, agree to disagree, acknowledge that it really doesn’t make any difference to the universe at all and then go for drinks.  Or at least take it outside while we argue politics, beer, zombies and beer.

God help me, this rant started with someone’s Facebook post.  It truly is the End of Days approaching.


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4 Responses to Science vs Religion from a Pissed Off Tree Rate perspective

  1. caohaoim says:

    Most atheists “believe” in AGW. So while they believe in no god they have an atmospheric Lysenkoism as the theology of the faith.

  2. You’re gonna make me look up words again……..

  3. caohaoim says:

    When dealing with science and socialism it is imperative one understands the essential political underpinnings of Lysenkoism.

  4. I thought that meant “werewolf”. Appears I was mistaken. More learning stuff, cool.

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