Today it begins anew……… May God have mercy on us all

Now For Hire*:  (1 ea) Newly Retired Army Officer

Specialties:  Zombie Hunting (Urban & Rural certified, Riverine pending), long rambling drunken yarns, 80’s music and Karaoke (min 18pk required)

This month’s bonus offer:  Known to work for beer and cigars


*Post Army (full time) employment has already been secured.  Zombie Hunting is purely a moonlighting gig to pick up on chicks with and score some free booze.

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13 Responses to Today it begins anew……… May God have mercy on us all

  1. caohaoim says:

    Will work for beer, well aged beef, Irish butter and acorn fed pork.
    I’ll skip the cigars. Can’t ever have one again.

  2. Good list none the less.

  3. All the better to let loose the dogs of war with!

  4. Brad S. says:

    True, but that cold breeze in the winter can be a bitch!

  5. caohaoim says:

    The Dogs of War are generally bitches.

  6. caohaoim says:

    So you have a new job. What will you be doing? Power point ranging? Form shuffling? Iso lifting? Standards degradation? Six Sigma deadline avoidance?

    Enquiring minds.

  7. caohaoim says:

    Bender started on Friday and still missing on Monday? I hope you had your permission slip and address safety pinned to you underwear.

  8. I was there for the bender on Friday. Later, while sleeping on his couch I may have hurled all over his favorite poncho liner and rendered it non-mission capable.

    I still don’t remember how I managed to make my way to the airport the next morning.

    Good times.

  9. caohaoim says:

    I never get invited to the fun parties.

  10. caohaoim says:

    There are reports that POTR has fallen victim to wandering mercenaries. Here’s the pic they sent me.

  11. Shot no. They are mere opportunists. POTR passed out on the street. A much more probable scenario.

  12. caohaoim says:

    I have begun to suspect even more skullduggery that makes me suspect other motivations. The ransom demand was for a case of IPA on ice. I only had 3 shortfill Hop Hoppy IPAs in the fridge so I wrote back asking if they would take a dusty bottle of MD 20/20 and some cellophane wrapped cheese and peanut butter crackers instead.

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