Time to stop screwing around already and go ‘all in’.

It’s time to bring on the pros.  Francis Underwood (Party affiliation irrelevant) in 2016.



and to round out the ticket, Cthulhu (Libertarian kinda sorta but not really).


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8 Responses to Time to stop screwing around already and go ‘all in’.

  1. salgak says:

    Since the economy is dead, and needs to rise from the grave. . . . there is but one choice. . . .

  2. caohaoim says:

    I know Cthulhu but who’s the other guy.

  3. Francis Underwood is the Vice President in the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’

  4. Zombie Reagan for Sec of State.

  5. caohaoim says:

    I’ve always been partial to Kratman as Sec of State. I know he would rather be Sec of the Army but Kratman could stare down Putin before breakfast or even coffee .

  6. Yeah but eventually he’d start bombing our allies if he got in a mood.

  7. caohaoim says:

    Not ones who spend blood and treasure watching our six. Anyway the Sec of state can’t directly order a bombing.

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