How the liberal mind doesn’t explode daily with hypocritical seizures is beyond me.

So D.C. convicts a man of “having in his home a 12-gauge shell that had failed to go off on a hunt that he kept as a souvenir, a spent .270 Winchester shell casing, and a box of .45 caliber Knight muzzleloader bullets with plastic sabots”. All legal material. But they they want to legalize the possession in a home of Cannabis which remains a Schedule I substance under federal law as of 2013. So folks don’t see the twisted hypocrisy to criminalize the possession of a legal item in your home by law abiding citizens in D.C. but legalize the possession of an illegal substance in your home that had to have been brought into D.C. illegally. Bizarre.


Before you start pinging on me stance on legalized marijuana or guns I’ll state my position clearly.  I think you should feel free to legally smoke a bowl of some choice herb, or clean a sweet tricked out AR after a day at the range, on your back porch.   Just not at the same time.  Accidents do happen and you don’t need to be “That Guy”.


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5 Responses to How the liberal mind doesn’t explode daily with hypocritical seizures is beyond me.

  1. caohaoim says:

    I truly dislike most Big L libertarians as they seem to love drugs far more than guns and are more obsessed with their non-aggression platitude than dealing with people who want to kill us.

  2. I am not one of such. I believe in personal responsibility and the acceptance of the fate of a persons own design. Good or bad. I am not, in fact, my brother keeper. Nor he mine.

  3. caohaoim says:

    You are not. You are a notable and laudable exception.

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