Who’s the “Party of No” anyway?

Choice of how to spending your one money, or not, on medical insurance.  NO

Choice of schools.  NO

Choice to express your religious beliefs.  NO

Choice to spend your own money on political campaigns.  NO

Choice to demand the Government respect you 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Rights.  NO

Choice to move you company out of the USA to the benefit of your public stakeholders and employees.  NO

Choice to refuse to join a Union as a prerequisite to employment in a facility that has a present Union.  NO

Choice to demand accountability and transparency in Government.  NO

Choice to express dissenting opinion deemed “Politically Incorrect” even when factually accurate.  NO

Choice to express a counter political opinion without being immediately labeled a racist.  NO

Choice to be against an ever expanding and overreaching Government.  NO

Choice to refuse to be bucketed into either the DNC, RNC or “extremist” category.  NO

Choice to not to be ruled by a self aggrandizing political careerist.  NO


AA - Dem Party is Communist

Coming next week, stupid as shit platform issues the RNC just can’t get sense enough to let go of and move on from.

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