Things I’m NOT thankful for:

yeah yeah yeah…. folks are thankful for their family, health, kitten, rainbows and grandma yadda yadda yadda.


Here’s some shit I’m NOT thankful for this year:

  • This whinny ass petulant child we have as a President.  Get a damn grip already and be a man Mr. President.  You’re just damn embarrassing with this passive aggressive crybaby sniveling.  Even Angela Merkel thinks your acting like a little bytch.
  • Ferguson Missouri.  The people in it, the people who live there, the people who own the businesses there and the networks covering it.  This is the most over inflated contrived bullshit of the year.  “No justice, no peace” my ass.  No “mob” justice is what you mean.  Oh, am I being harsh criticizing the “people’ of Ferguson too?  Nope.  Frak em.  If they gave a shit they’d be lined up with baseball bats next to the cops and busting some criminal heads and defending their homes and stores.  More sniveling bytches.  I see a trend this year. There’s a reason these race baiting liberal socialist leaches are facilitating the destruction of this town.  It’s because the people that live there let them.
  • Putin making American look like a little bytch.
  • China making America look like a little bytch.
  • Iran making America look like a little bytch.
  • Liberals thinking they know what’s better for me or my family.
  • That my property taxes are insane but the liberal state laws give me no rights in land usage determination, yet I have to pay anyway to essentially be a state caretaker of the land in case they want to seize it later for another usage without my permission at a later date.
  • That my brothers and sisters in arms are still risking their lives in shity countries.
  • That America has all but forgotten that my brothers and sisters in arms are still risking their lives in these countries.
  • That the UN is still allowed to be a haven for idiocy hosted on American soil.

Frak it.  Back to beer, football and turkey.  Go Lions and Happy Thanksgiving you Freaks.

Huggs & kisses,


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