Politics & Beer. Where are the real studies? That’s what I wanna know.

How could I have missed this?  It’s total crap written by a bunch of Zima drinking Liberals, but hey you wanna know.  You know how I know you wanna know?  Because you click those surveys on Facebook asking about “What Teen Vampire movie should you star in?”.  You know you do.  Don’t deny it.  Stop it.   You know you do it.  We all do.  Just like that other thing you don’t wanna talk to you mom about.  No not that, you dirty perv!  Nobody does that but you.  You know, the other thing.  Yeah that one.  You know you do that too…..  You’re still a perv though.

From the National Journal circa 2012:

Samuel Adams

Those who drink Sam Adams, the patriot of beers, are more likely to vote Republican. They’re also more likely to vote than those who drink, say, Natural Light. As researchers Mike Shannon and Will Feltus note, the Sam Adams brewery is just a few miles away from Romney campaign headquarters. So it could be that staffers are skewing the sample.


Heineken fans are more likely to be Democrats than any other beer drinkers. But they aren’t a particularly strong voting block. Heineken drinkers turn out at the polls to vote at relatively low levels.

Bud Light

Bud Light drinkers may be legion, but they don’t have any particular political allegiance. Maybe they’re one of the last nonpartisan consumer groups left. But don’t target these guys as swing voters: They tend not to turn out.

Miller High Life

Those who drink “The Champagne of Beer” also don’t have much of a political slant, and they vote less than most other beer drinkers. But they do turn out at a slightly higher rate than those who drink Bud Light.


Budweiser drinkers skew further toward Democrats than Bud Light drinkers, but they vote at an almost identical rate as their Bud Light brethren, which is to say, they are slow to exercise their constitutional prerogative.


Make of this what you will: The voters who skew most Democratic while maintaining a high level of turnout drink Molson. The Canadian beer. Voter fraud conspiracy? We’ll draw no conclusions.

Dos Equis

“The Most Interesting Man in the World” may have hosted a fundraiser for President Obama, but Dos Equis drinkers are much more nonpartisan. As researchers Shannon and Feltus found, this doesn’t please some of his fans.

My add:


You are constantly preparing to: repel the zombie hordes, defend America from all enemies foreign and domestic (particularly the U.N. and Liberals), brew beer & defeat the IslamoFascists. Grew up in Asia as a military brat, went to college in MI becoming a Detroit Lions fan in the Barry Sanders era, served in numerous shitholes and wars around the world in the Army.  Rated as an extremely, but a frustratingly inconsistent issue centric, partisan.


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3 Responses to Politics & Beer. Where are the real studies? That’s what I wanna know.

  1. caohaoim says:

    I have Guinness in the fridge, My Father has Guinness, Miller, Rolling Rock, Spotted Cow and Smithwicks, The elder of my two Sisters has Bud Light, Sprecher Special Amber and Smithwicks and Guinness, my Brother and my Youngest Sister have in their possession, Pabst, Rolling Rock, Leinenkeugel, Guinness and Bass. We all vote everytime and always for the most conservative candidate. All results are of ten minutes ago.

  2. This were I think a legitimate study must be done. I need to get working on my government grant. Oh……….. $20M over 5 years should do it.

  3. caohaoim says:

    You had better cut me in!!!! And shoot for 100 mill over 10 years.

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