End of the World Thoughts: Know your enemy

Have you done a true assessment of your primary threat in Da Apoc yet?  You know you’re hoping for Zombie Strippers… but your ass is most assuredly gonna end up rolling the dice for  28 Day’s Later.  For me, anything but the clowns.  Just not the evil clown.  NO FRAKING CLOWNS!!!  I will NOT participate in any Apocalypse involving evil/devil/undead/possessed/Steven King inspired clowns.  I’m not scared of clowns.  That would be wussy.  I just don’t particularly like the evil/devil/undead/possessed/Steven King inspired clowns.  Don’t get my wrong, I’d kick some serious evil/devil/undead/possessed/Steven King inspired clowns asses all across Armageddon.  I’d just rather spend my time doing other things during the End of Days.


About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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