The return……..

So I have snuck back into civilization from my self imposed semi-exile from the digital world.  Honestly, I had to get stuff done around the new compound as well as setting my competition back on their tails with the new day job.  This resulted in my generally ending the day too exhausted to do much besides drink.   Then today I remembered that The POTR could in fact drink AND type at the same time.  Not sure how I forgot that.  Some of my best work is referred to as “drunken blogging” by those in the know.

and_a_wake_upSo let me see… to catch up I need:

An insightful-ish quote.  

“In this era of political correctness, some people seem unaware that being squeamish about words can mean being blind to realities.” Thomas Sowell

A picture of a hot chick with a beer (thank you Tumblr).


A Detroit Lions inspirational moment.

The Lions will go to the Super Bowl next year.  Why?  Because it’s “Super Bowl L” that’s why.  Yes just an “L”.  How fraking stupid is that?!  The name alone demands a Super Bowl that includes Da Leos.  Done deal.  Now to just go 16 & 0 this season to top it off.

Random 80s video.

De Apoc!

Who really believed that Ebola cover story crap anyway?  Anyone else happen to notice it just sort of “went away” over night and all the sudden we have a contrived vaxer/anti-vaxer media driven episode.  The stank of conspiracy is rancid……..

A gun I want this year (New Springfield Armory Loaded M1A).



All the Feds need a big steaming glass of STFU until they decide they are going to actually do their jobs like grownups.  All you assclowns who keep voting for these incumbents get a big steaming glass of STFU also.  Fraking morons.

Hmmmmm…………..  I think that catches me up.

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2 Responses to The return……..

  1. caohaoim says:

    ‘Bout Friggin’ Time!!! Leaving me here with a size one squirrel suit when you know I wear a 56. And it itches!!!

  2. I told you not to put it in the dryer.

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