Dear Atheist Community:

Would you all just STFU for a second and listen to what people are saying about YOU.  Nobody argues you don’t have a right to free speech so I’m not saying you should “be” STFU physically or legally.  I’m also not saying you are right or wrong in your views.  I could care less actually what you think unless it interferes with my well-being  or that of those I care about.  What I’m saying is STFU for a minute and listen to what people are saying about you.  Basically you are now perceived as more annoying, more hatefully, and more bigoted than the very thing you are constantly and vocally bitching about.  We get it.  you don’t like the church and don’t want it to be pushed on you.  Fine.  I call bullshit on people pushing religion on you anyway.  I shall simply stereotype you now as habitual assholes looking for a perceived problem to be victimized by so you can run around acting the dick while claiming some moral superiority of enlightenment and bringin down the party in social setting without remorse.   No one is going around anymore accosting folks on the street proselytizing except in the movies.  I haven’t seen anyone go do to door asking “Have you found Jesus?” in decades or heard of anyone else that has.  What I do repeatedly see is if fraktard Atheist in bars, TV and public going on boisterous insulting anti-religious rants randomly thereby pissing off everyone and just being serious dicks.  So you are the ones now fraking with MY well-being and good drinking time with friends.  I can guarantee you that every Atheist I’ve known tried to start an argument on religion within the first 15 minutes of meeting someone even if the topic is football or spring lawn treatments.  Sooo if you are listening for a second let me summarize:  your right to an opinion is appreciated but your being raging assholes to everyone is not.  Some people have religion, some do not.  Grown up and learn some tolerance of others for a change.  Or at a minimum stop going out of your damn way to pick stupid pointless arguments crimping everyone’s buzz.  Dicks….


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6 Responses to Dear Atheist Community:

  1. blt says:

    What spawned this post? Just curious.

    Deep dark secret: I’m an atheist.

    But what I am not is an asshole. I’m an ass, sure, about many things…but that’s different.

    I get pissed at atheist activists that, for example, tried to get crosses removed from the shoulders of our highways where troopers had died in the line of duty. WTF is wrong with those people? I don’t know.

    I don’t get bent out of shape when Mormons knock on my door.

    Them: KNOCK KNOCK “Sir, we have GOOD NEWS!”

    Me: “I’m spiritually right where I need to be guys, but thanks.”

    Them: “Well, can we sit down with you and read scripture?”

    Me: “No thanks. I literally have something else to do. Good day.”

    That’s it. Wow. The door-to-door security system salespeople annoy me more.

    I’m an atheist like some people are teetotalers. What makes sense to you doesn’t make sense to me, and vice versa…but please don’t think that all, or even most, teetotalers are prohibitionists.

  2. What spawned this was a dude going off on a atheist rant today while I was refreshing my beer stocks at the liquor store. He started rating on a story on the TV in the corner then carried it onto everyone in the store in a solo monolog. While checking out trying to ignore him he randomly asked me “Am I right or what?”. I calmly said I’d heard three Atheist rants about Jesus this month in public for no reason but zero folks pushing for Jesus outside of the church this month and maybe he was reading into stuff to much. No, I had not heard anything of the sort from you by the way. Then I took my case of beer and moved out. I just don’t get when, or why, Atheism turned militant and decide to get in on my drinking. The only religion I talk while drinking generally refers to bombing Islamofascists. But that really more about bombing scum than a religious discussion really.

  3. blt says:

    This is what happens when you DON’T buy more Paddy’s, and instead settle on beer. 😉

    And that dude is a prick.

    I only mention Jesus in a rant when cussing out bad drivers – and that’s just a bad habit from being raised Irish Catholic.

    BTW, you do talk about religion, and just don’t realize it. Detroit Lions, booze, and grilled meat! The holy trinity…

  4. I stand corrected.
    annnn yes I will bring Paddy’s to LC.

  5. caohaoim says:

    You could have a t-shirt made for all the atheists.

    There is no God and a Sandwich is His Prophet!!

    Do you think there is a market?

  6. I have seen some funny shirts.

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