Bigyan mo ako ng iyong pera dahil dito kami upang tumulong. Pasusuhin.


Fed and state taxes paid. My blood boils…………. Not because I have to pay taxes but because every time I take a small step ahead towards a stable financial future it appears my “fair share” seems to double while services provided by those I’m paying are cut in half. Frak “Audit the Fed” I say “Audit it ALL”. I feel like I was just drunk rolled in an Olongapo City alleyway by a roving band of progressive politicians.

All this moaning about how Side A is looking out for the middle class and Side B is against the middle class is all just marketing crap.  The middle class just gets screwed.  Bot Side A/B only want two things from the middle class:  obedient votes and taxes to give to others for either future electoral job security, or  a sense of accomplishment in giving away other peoples hard earned money to social hyped causes that generate nothing of worth and nobody even cares if they do.

Yes.  I feel ripped off that my hard work, the more I achieve, gets me punished and feeds more funding to politicians to buy more power and job security with my money by giving not-at-all-“free” shit to people who don’t deserve my money at all.  No, I’m not rolling in the dough either.  I’m not over any magical arbitrary income line the politicians like to toss about as greedy people who need to contribute more.  I’m just a middle class schlep that looses half of any gain I make in my financial status to jackasses in State and Federal building spending on irresponsible pork barrel crap and aimless generational loser bet social feel good nonsensical progressive self righteous pet projects.

It’s raining today.  Guess I’ll have to pay more to my fraking Rain Tax this year!  Thanks Ex-Gov O’Malley.  Magkantot sa iyo, you POS!


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2 Responses to Bigyan mo ako ng iyong pera dahil dito kami upang tumulong. Pasusuhin.

  1. caohaoim says:

    Government is not the solutin it is the problem. Lollipop.

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