I’d kill a lion.

Yup.  I’d shoot it right in the face if I had to.  Now you want me to add the “If I had to survive.”  line here?  Nope.  I’m done justifying shit to the PC crowd.  This insanity is ruining America.  Cry me a river of tears over your fuckin lion.  Take your moral outrage and help the homeless in your own local community if you want to help.

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2 Responses to I’d kill a lion.

  1. Alfie says:

    HATER! Of course a squirrel finds no friend amongst the big cats.
    As silly as it is that this story is running such a strong race when there are far more crucial issues going on there is something to be said about the stupidity and vileness of canned hunts and hunting for kicks in general.
    There are some interesting parts to the story and many refuse to face them. The corruption of the blacks involved. People hate the guide (white) and the dentist (white) but are pretty much whistling past the graveyard regards the actual land/business owners. (black)
    As for more snark #lionslivesmatter

  2. Oh I love #detroitlionslivesmatter

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