Who is The POTR blogging team?


The Pissed Off Tree Rat is constantly preparing to: repel the zombie hordes, defend America from all enemies foreign and domestic (particularly the U.N. and Liberals), brew beer & defeat the IslamoFascists. POTR grew up in Asia as a military brat, went to college in MI becoming a Detroit Lions fan in the Barry Sanders era, has served in numerous shitholes and wars around the world in the Army.  Got a complaint, or suggestion, for the sight?  Rely to a post as a comment and I’ll get it.

And my frequent Guest Blogger extraordinaire (provides the “quality” content) from Justbarkingmad.com:

Marcus Atrocios with luck

Marcus Atrocious: Also served in the Army. Did some cool shit. Jumped from airplanes, shot guns, blew shit up, ate snakes (well, I ate chicken, and they taste just like snake), and wore out a few pairs of boots while humping a rucksack. I am an adventurer, world traveler, and all ’round good guy–at least that’s what my mom says. I move my lips when I read, drag my knuckles on the ground, and have a mono-brow. I laugh at fart jokes, and I enjoy sipping on single-malt scotch while watching Jackass on TV. All in all, I’m a pretty well rounded guy.


caohaoim:  Bio pending