Allez aux lignes de bataille

The chains that have been shackling the Pissed Off Tree Rat lately are beginning to crack and weaken. The self imposed exile from political discourse is over, the endless weeks of airports and hotels is lessening and my thirst for discord is becoming unquenchable.  That is a rumble of a Freak storm you hear.  The clap of the Pissed Off Tree Rat’s laced combat boots is starting to echo.  I smell the fear emanating from the teleprompters of our spineless administration.  The flop sweat caused by the inevitable conclusion that they must make a decision, any decision, on any one topic, and commit to it.  The conclusion that President Obama must realize is that he is in charge.  He is responsible.  He must be the President of the United States.   He must man up now.  Not tomorrow and not after another election cycle.  Grab the rudder Mister President.  You asked for it, you got it, now man the fuck up and do the job.  Any more mention of past administration must be answered with instant ridicule and scorn.  Stop blaming Bush, or the Republicans, or the media, or the Men in Black, or the Doobie Brothers or the dude who winds your watch.  It is weakness.  It is pathetic.  It is not a quality of a leaders to constantly shift blame and counter accuse.  Forget far left, or right, and fire every single one of your advisors.  They have failed you.  Make your next two years about jobs and the economy or dust off your resume.   Tell the World you are “The Man”.  Be, Know and Do.  Or go the hell back to Chicago when you came from.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat returns to Washington.  This time with friends………

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